Boeing 717 - Red Roo / Fly Conversion kit

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Boeing 717 - Red Roo / Fly Conversion kit

Postby erussell » Fri Jul 27, 2018 7:56 am

A customer kindly pointed out an issue with the RHS engine of this conversion kit. We took it off the market only a short time ater it was released in order to fix the problem. This has now been rectified and we are sending customers a replacement engine. We can find most of them but there are a few cash sales where we don't have a record. if you are one of them drop us some feedback here or, even better, on the Red Roo web site and we will be in touch.
All of the kits in the warehouse have been fixed and we are ready to release a "white tail" version for those who fancy an Impulse, Jetstar, Turkmenistan or AirTran livery.
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