New at Red Roo - The Amazing stepSander Range

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New at Red Roo - The Amazing stepSander Range

Postby Redroo » Tue Apr 08, 2014 3:55 pm

We have just received our first shipment of the amazing new stepSander tools. These neat little items are in the "why did it take so long for someone to make this" category. The tools consist of a Bow Sander Tool; the Offset Sander Tool and the Large Offset Sander Tool.

We have imported the combination tool set which is known as the Masters Set A. This set provides the modeller with the complete range of stepSander tools in one package. We also have the Bow Sander and Offset Tool available separately. Each tool is supplied with three grits of sanding band: 220, 400 and 800. As well there are refill packs available in a variety of grits. The refill bands are self adhesive and easily fitted to the tools and there is an instructional video on youtube to show how it's done.

The tools can be used to follow contours along the edge of a part because of the unique bull nose design. This same bull nose is excellent for getting into a wing root fillet and sanding filler away with a minimum of damage to surrounding areas. The step down on the Offset Sanding Tool is excellent for getting into a tight recess to remove extractor pin stubs and the like, or for sanding over an edge. The Large Offset Tool is bigger and allows access to deeper recesses.

There are numerous short product videos on youtube (just do a search for stepSander). To view the products on the Red Roo website follow the link below: ... acturer=64
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