Bristol Aero Engine Gear Casing Colour

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Bristol Aero Engine Gear Casing Colour

Postby dogsbody » Mon Apr 06, 2015 10:11 am

I just today posted this elsewhere on this forum, in response to a question and I thought it should be posted where it might be more easily found. I thought I had posted it here before but I guess I hadn't.

Now I don't profess to being an expert on the subject, but a few years ago, I did a bit of research into this.

As near as I can tell, starting in the early 1930's, Bristol started painting their gear casings on military engines, a semi-gloss black.

Please people, spread the word. Too many otherwise great models are spoiled, in my eyes at least, by having grey painted gear casings on their Bristol Peggys, Mercs and Hercs.

I know the Americans used mostly grey on theirs, but not Bristols.

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