Master 1/24 Mosquito Hispano 20mm brass barrels

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Master 1/24 Mosquito Hispano 20mm brass barrels

Postby AndrewDoppel » Sun May 01, 2011 12:35 pm

Courtesy of Glen Burns from Creative Models Australia, I was fortunate to receive these Master-1/24 scale brass barrel replacements for use on my Airfix 1/24 scale 'Aussie Mozzie' (build in the 'Reader's Models' ... ?f=8&t=697) on the previso that I review them for him and put them here on the site. Before I begin part 1 of the review-the Hispano 20mm barrels, I'd like to again thank Glen for his generous offer as this set is valued at $22.00 (plus postage) and is exclusively available via his Creative Models Australia website;

In the pack supplied you get 4 x 20mm Hispano Mk II Cannon replacement brass barrels consisting of 16 pieces and a small sprue of P/E for the underside guns and an assembly instruction form.

As you can see in the above picture there is 16 nicely made brass parts to make up into four (4) cannon barrel end replacements. The springs insert into the barrel ends (top right) which then fit neatly and tightly into the barrel lengths (far left). Utilising the parts from the photoetch sprue the other thin parts (bottom right) are glued to the top of the barrel lengths

The replacement barrels made up ready for fitting to the plastic cannon

This was the kit cannon prior to being fitted with replacement barrels fitted. You can see where the cannon has been cut off to have the previous replacement barrels inserted (Referring to my previous D'Oh!).

Here the new barrels are fitted and unpainted. The detail difference is amazing in comparison to the kit parts.

The cannons fitted prior to painting

The guns were then painted Tamiya gunmetal and the entire unit made up. I have now fitted them into the model to give you an idea of how they look. As expected a little touch up on the paint is required as it scratches easily.

The only real issue I had with these barrels was that the instruction aren't overly clear in how to fold the P/E over the barrels. I think Master may have run out of toner as they were very pale in the set provided. The other thing they don't mention on their instruction is what size drill bit is required for the barrel end to be inserted in the plastic gun body. Fortunately, I had the other instructions from the other kit Glen supplied which indicated a .8mm hole so using this as a guide I manged to fit them.

Personally, I wouldn't have bothered replacing the barrel ends as I don't know how much will be seen later, but as this review is for the benefit of others who may want to improve their build, I must say that these barrel replacements go together well and look terrific :D . The barrels are only designed for the 1/24 Airfix Mozzie whereas the others I used previously are for any 1/24 scale Spitfire, Hurricane that were fitted with the British Browning Mk.2 .303 cal cannon.

I give them a big thumbsup and thank Glen again for the opportunity to have a look at them.

The next review I'll add will be the correct fitting of the Browning gun ends to the nose cannons.
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