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Airfix Model World Issue 3

Postby wombatair » Mon May 09, 2011 2:57 pm

Issue 3: February 2011 On sale UK in January 2011 100 pages - Less than $10

Cover page featured the F-86 Sabre, ---- Build by Glenn Sands

News Bulletin.
Harrier retirement -- IPMS Special Interest Group presented a display of past and present.
F/A -18C in gloss Sea Blue lands on CVN-77.
Beech TC-12B Heron in centenary colors.
Cyber-Hobby Mater Series Bf 110D Nachtjager (Night fighter).
The Aviation Workshop open day report – wish I could have been there for what sounds like an interesting and informative day. (Polish F-16D – yes please).

Model Show Calendar Worldwide for early 2011.

Review Build-U-Boat-Italeri 1/35-5 Pages
Chris Clifford tackles the unusual Biber midget submarine kit which has fine weld seams around the hull, reasonable internal details and excellent torpedoes. There are three grey spruces plus etched-brass and clear windows. Chris takes on the challenging disruptive pattern color scheme. Again there are many tips on construction, detailing and painting by brush as was the original.

In Focus-Mirage Four-5 pages
Malcolm V. Lowe looks at a true French classic. From Nuclear strike to photographic reconnaissance, this mighty delta-winged giant was a unique sight among the ranks of front-line French Air Force squadrons. This is great reference material. (Sexy looking French lady in its own way). The Heller in 1/72 on my shelf makes the Mirage III(s) appear small. The retirement colour scheme on page 20 is impressive – If only we could have seen an F-111 done like this.

Advanced Build-Hurricanes Mk 1 and Mk IV-Hasegawa 1/72-8 pages
Len Thompson attacks the slight inaccuracies in the kit and improves the models with scratch building, detailing, weathering and decals. Extensive use is made of the spares box, plastic card, filler and some aftermarket parts. Progressive pictures back up” wordly” guidance, finishing with an impressive pair.
Again there are many useful ideas and tips to make it all happen.

Figure-WWII Russian Field Commander Tamiya-1/16-3 pages
Steve Palffy using techniques to make this plastic figure kit look as good as the resin counterparts. A simple paper strap makes the machine gun look more realistic. Subtle shading and washes are employed throughout. Adequate words back up the clear photography. (Will try some of his tips on my 1/72 pilots!)

Advanced Build-BAC Lightning F.53-Airfix 1/48-6 pages
Hans Pennink shares tips and techniques in his build of a 1/48 Saudi Lightning in super-rare desert camouflage. Aires resin parts such as exhausts and wheel wells plus lots of careful painting and washes (Promodeller ) produce an impressive finish. Ample photographs and words are used throughout.

Advanced build-Puma HC 1-Matchbox 1/32-8 pages
Derreck Griffith, a Master Modeller builds a replica of one of the special variants of the Puma, including the trailer with F96 camera. Extensive detailing and scratch-work required throughout. Again there are lots of good photographs and descriptions. Interesting technique is to use Maskol masking fluid to hold small part in place temporarily during early stages of scratch-building - it is easily removed before final assembly – (Learn something every day!). The standard achieved has to be seen to be believed. (I did see some models at Dapto that were not far off though).
The finished product is outside the reach of most modelers I know, me in particular. However I am inspired to try harder and to be a bit more particular with my cockpit areas (in 1/72).

Battle and Build-F-86F-Airfix 1/72-7 pages and 2 pages
Warren E. Thompson recounts how one particular USAF F-86F gained its dramatic nose art by downing a MIG-15. This is backed up with colour photograph and art. (The details shown of the six Browning .5 machine gun bay could prove helpful to the super-detailers amongst us). This article leads on to a far too short Part 1 of a Sabre build by editor Glenn Sands – a great reference – (I’ll use this in my build of this Airfix kit).

Review Build-Tiyuana Taxi-Revell-5 pages
Ian Hartup lifts up the collar of his leather jacket, puts on his shades and joins the America’s hot rod scene with Revell’s legendary “Tijuana Taxi”. For the car and vehicle fans this article must appeal. Some super scratch-building, detailing, wash and paint work lead to an impressive finish. A must read.

Skills School:
Advanced painting-Engine and undercarriage-Bf110 Dragon 1/32-3 pages
Robin Carpenter goes to considerable pains to cover such issues as varying tones of black, wash, bolt heads or nuts, tubes and connectors, chips and scratches, oil and coolant tanks, fuel spillage and streaking. Pipes and exhausts are not rust/brown but require such paints such as Alclad 2 Manifold and burnt iron followed by a wash of rust. Propellers are discussed including colour and “greasy hand prints”. “Lovely legs” has nothing to do with stockings and high heels, but describes the painting and detailing of the undercarriage. Tyres are painted with Lifecolor Panzer Grey all over and a clear smoke-coloured wash applied to the side-walls followed by dirting if decided.

Military Build-K44 Anti-tank Gun Great Wall Hobby-5 pages
Steve Palffy tackles this superb kit with its many small and well-detailed parts and some high-quality photo-etched metal. Step by step, the build progresses – Steve uses cyanoacrylate glue and Vallllejo paints. Impressive.

Diorama-MiniArt 1/35-3 pages
Nick Tebbs completes the build of French Village Houses explaining painting, detailing and groundwork techniques. Interesting weathering and vegetation added.

On the Shelf reports on new kits, books, decals, resin and accessories over 11 pages.
These cover all non –Airfix : aircraft, military vehicles, figures and ships.
(I like the look of the Mach Beech RC-12K, PJ Productions Mirage III (have one on order to add to the 3 from Highplanes. PJ do great resin pilot figures and seats in 1/72))
“Fire Bombers in Action” looks like the ultimate guide to these exciting aircraft – should prove interesting to a few of our members.
“Basics of Ship Modeling” by Mike Ashley looks like essential reference for the ship builders.
Syhartdecal Decal sheet for Mirage 2000 Tiger meet is hard to resist.

Summary: Again, overall this is an issue with a lot for a wide range of modeler and explanations are included where considered appropriate. The advanced builds of the Puma and Lightning are the highlights.
The quality of photographs is impressive.
Eighteen pages of adverts (18%). This is not a negative observation as these pages can provide some useful information to the reader.

The builds in the first three issues are by very skilled modelers. This may prove daunting to some of us who could never reach such heights. Whilst I am not suggesting AMW should lower its standards, perhaps it would be helpful to include some work by the more average modeler to encourage their efforts.

I was definitely encouraged to buy the next issue.

More information on their website:
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