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Airfix Model World Issue 4 - Conclusion

Postby wombatair » Wed May 11, 2011 7:02 pm

Issue 4: March 2011 On sale UK in February 2011 100 pages - Key Publishing - Less than $10

Cover page featured the Spitfire Special

News Bulletin.
Harrier retirement schemes.
Newark’s Indoor Aero-boot Aviation & Avionics sale – Jumble sale.
T-34C Mentor in Centenary colour.
Tiger 1 tank restoration.

Model Show Calendar Worldwide for early 2011.

Review Build-Car- Audi DTM 2009-Revell-6 Pages
Ian Hartup discovers some shortcoming of this kit, such as warp and plastic sag, but explains methods to overcome them. Combined with the many positive aspects the finished product is impressive.

Advanced Build-Meteor D.16 – MPM F.MK 8 conversion to D.16-1/72- 5 pages.
Richard Mean uses the MPM kit and Alley Cat’s conversion set to produce this eye catching model, based on an ex-RAAF Korean War veteran A77-876 which went on to survive two tours as a un-manned drone at Woomera and Evetts Field. It later returned to the UK in 1971 and was converted further to D.16.
(Anthony Wilkinson may appreciate this article – perhaps, could I suggest his builds are good enough for this magazine. I’m following his builds of Meteors with interest.)

Military Build-M7 Priest tracked Howitzer-Dragon 1/35-5 pages
Steve Palffy
builds and weathers one of the US Army’s most versatile self-propelled guns of World War Two. There are many tips and worlds of advice through-out.
A good tip for a applicator that can pick up tiny drops of cyanoacrylate glue – cut off part of the eye of a needle – I go one step further and cover the pointy end with a small cork( or plastic bit) It stands up, easy to pick up and is less easy to loose.

Basic Build- Spitfire Mk IX - brand new mold- Double Build -Airfix 1/72-7 pages
Tony O’Toole
builds a pair of Airfix’s recently released Spitfire kit in post-war RAF colour schemes from the Middle East. Panel line are quite deep but fixable. Cockpit has almost a total lack of detail and wheel wells are bereft of walls or detail, however one is built OOB and the second with some detailing. Both receive subtle weathering. Tony enjoyed it so much he promptly bought another five kits, at 7 pounds each.
I really enjoyed reading this build and I’m impressed by the “silver Spit”.

Advanced Build – Spitfire Mk VIII –RAAF - Tamiya 1/32 – 6 pages
Steve Palffy
builds Aussie “RG_V” Grey Nurse adding etched-metal and resin detailing, and uses Vallejo paints exclusively throughout. The canopy is given sanding with various grades of abrasive to remove a seam. Interior detailing on the cockpit, landing gear and engine are impressive – Eduard panel and belts are used, brake lines are from copper wire fixed with cyanoacrylate and Quickboost “fishtail” exhausts complete the engine.
A good tip when using metal parts is to heat them over a gas ring or candle, let them cool. This makes them more pliable and easier to bend. BUT must not be used with coloured etched parts.

Battle and Build – Spitfire Mk XII –written by Neil Robinson - 6 pages
Interesting read with BB photos and colour art in the “centre fold”.
(Anyone recognize the formation picture? Is it the one I remember from Queensland Social Studies text-book, led by Tuck with Gordon Olive as number two/three? The Wing Commander Olive flew me as a cadet in a Dakota.)
The reason for the interesting heavy staining on the lower fuselage is unknown

Chris Clifford tackles Out-of-the-Box build of Airfix new 1/48 Spitfire Mk.XII.
Newly-tooled this kit is “very close to Airfix’s previous Spitfire Mk.22/24 in terms of detail, with crisp panel lines and rivets, and an impressive cockpit”. Separate control surfaces and alternate canopy styles impress Chris, plus including dropped flaps as an option, plain or five-indent wheel hubs and a 30 gallon slipper tank.
Lots of detailing and finishing advice is given.

In Focus – Vickers Valiant - Part One- written by Paul Lucas – 7 pages

In anticipation of the Airfix’s release of the kit in 1/72 Paul explores the camouflage and markings of the first V-bomber. Includes BB photographs and colour profiles.
Looks great in silver – I’ll have to plan to modify my Mach2 kit.

Figure: - Spartan Hoplite – Bust – El Greco – Part One – 3 pages
Sonia Maes
recreates one of the gallant Greek warriors from 480BC. This model consists of just four parts which are molded in grey resin with few imperfections. Painting is a interesting challenge which is methodically approached.

Skills School
Advanced painting – Bf110 – Airfix 1/48- 5 pages
Robin Carpenter
completes his first Skills School project in striking powerful all-black night-fighter scheme. Some great detailing and weathering is evident. The use of soft pastels and Tensocrom active surface agents (washes) are discussed in some detail. The finished “mean-looking night fighter” looks great on the tarmac.

War-gaming Build; - Tiger Ausf. E – Italeri 1/72 – 4 pages
Ian Grainger
satisfies his no-fuss modeling craving with a speedy build of this kit.
Good tip / explaination of “Dry Brushing”.

On the Shelf reports on new kits, books, decals, resin and accessories over 13 pages.
These cover mostly non –Airfix : aircraft, military vehicles, figures and ships:
AZ presents three interesting kits – Martlet Mk VI, MIG-17F series, Hurricane Mk.IV.
Hasegawa has two re-issues: F-14D Tomcat (black) and Bf109 E-4/7.
Airfix’s Hawk is released with markings from Finish Air Force, and RAF.
Dragon and Italeri present seven military kits.
Books cover: Mustangs, Italians, Me 262, Hurricanes, Transall, Night Fighters, Czech Fighter Pilots, Maritime B-17, Kamikazes, US Armored Division in Tunisia, Israeli Half-tracks, and Tank Hunters. A lot of good reading here.
Model Alliance have F-18 decals for RAAF, RCAF, a couple of F-4, and a Sea King.
Resin parts include: fairy Battle nose job, Transall tanker, Rotol Spitfire, Matra LR150 Rocket Launcher, M-135 Minigun in 1/72, Stirling nose conversion.
Figures: Russian Assault Infantry (1/35), M.A.S Crew (1/35), Rommel’s Finest (1/35) and Russian Infantry (1/72).
Accessories include: Austin K2 detail kit, Nets, Tiger 1 etched brass detailing kit, Guns for a big Mossie, German Armour Ammo, DH2 propeller upgrade, and Spray-work painting stand set (turn table) by Tamiya.

Again, overall this issue covers a wide range of interest. Good to see the quick build kit. The Spitfire builds are of much interest.
The quality of photographs and their reproduction is impressive.
There are nineteen pages of adverts (19%).

I was definitely encouraged to buy the next issue. :)

More information on their website:

Overall Summary:
This concludes the promised review of the first four issues of Airfix Model World.
I have found the magazine to be overall of a high quality, with great photographs and excellent narratives. Although it may not be of interest to some, it does provide a good read and should prove useful to most. The high standard of builds must surely inspire the "younger" modetter to achieve, and not just accept the "quick fix" approach.

Individual issues may provide all that is required rather than a subscription, even though overall it is cheaper than the news strand.
Their website reveals information on contents of current issue.
I will post on the forum any specific articles I think may be of interest to us Aussie modelers. My subscribed issue is generally a few weeks ahead on our news-stand copies.

Thanks for reading. :roll:

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