Typhoons Duxford 2017

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Typhoons Duxford 2017

Postby wally » Tue May 30, 2017 2:11 am

An incredibly difficult aircraft to photograph.. the sun is never in the right place and that flat grey finish is a real challenge for autofocus, the only way to avoid getting a "silouette" is to overexpose by a couple of f stops. One day I will get a decent Typhoon picture

An incredibly tight display, much more maneuverable than the Raphale

Imagetyp24 by wallycacsabre, on Flickr
Imagetyp26 by wallycacsabre, on Flickr
Imagetyp8 by wallycacsabre, on Flickr
Imagetyp4 by wallycacsabre, on Flickr
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