Piel Emeraude

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Piel Emeraude

Postby RHB785 » Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:18 pm

I first saw this little beauty in pieces in the owner's garage in the next suburb from where I live about 7 or so years ago. He'd had an engine failure on take off and the undercarriage caught a fence in the emergency landing also damaging the wing. I stopped and got chatting with him and asked him what it was and he told me "A Piel Emeraude". He also told me that it had the same wing shape and profile as a Spitfire and thus flew the same as a Spitfire. He had an older mate who'd flown Spits in WW2 and he confirmed that this little aeroplane was the same to fly as a full size Spitfire. These shots taken at Luskintyre about 18 months after I first saw it. You can even build these in your own garage as this one was.


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