A3 Mirage

1/72 Mirage IIIO(A) A3-100, 3 SQN, Butterworth Malaysia Circa 1971

by Mick Alderson


Serial No


A/C type

Mirage IIIO(A)

Based at

3 Squadron, Butterworth, Malaysia (Circa 1971)




Standard three tone lizard with early three squadron '3' and lizard tail flash.  This aircraft (numerically the last of the single seat Mirages) is currently on display in Darwin in the colours of 75 Squadron.


1/72 Hiplanes Mirage (OOB) with Red Roo decals and Hasegawa AIM9B and Mk82 weapons.   Paints from Model Master.


Stewart Wilson's "'Meteor, Sabre and Mirage" and Gary Byks "Modellers Guide: RAAF Mirage"



Construction time was just over a couple of weeks by yours truely, Mick Alderson, during a break in my PhD research.  It took that long due to the oppressive heat of living in far north queensland and the aircon in my workshop had gone u/s, restricting me to a couple of hours in the mornings and night.  One major issue encountered during the final finishing of this project was my use of Johnsons 'Future' in sealing the decals before applying the final matt coats.  The extreme heat of the tropics did manage to discolour some areas and cause the future to go a milky white in some areas.  Several careful washes with warm soapy water were required to remove the offending blemished areas, very careful indeed. I wonder if other modellers have encountered similar problems with this product under such circumstances.  Apart from that an ejoyable break.

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