1/48 F111C A8-140 of 6 Squadron Amberley

by Nathan Bradford


Serial No
A/C type
F-111C AUP
Based at
6 Sqn. RAAF Amberley, Queensland
Scheme Gunship grey
No real significance apart from this jet holds a special place in my heart
1/48 F-111C with Scaledown Wings, Engine exhausts, Wheels and wheel well Doors. Paragon Designs ELTA 8222 pod. Flightpath Pavetack pod, boarding ladders and AIM-9 Missile, Blackbox F-111F cockpit changed to suit the F-111C AUP standard. GBU-24B's are a combination of Hasegawa seeker heads / tail fins and Flight path bodies. Scratch built weapons bay, weapons bay doors and pavetack cradle, Nose wheel well and nose gear, Main gear and main wheel well, ALE-47 chaff and flare dispensers, engine tail feathers, Side seals, ELTA Pylon, strike camera and antennas. Support equipment from Hasegawa.

Personal pictures and 1:1 scale reference.



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