Italeri 1:48 RAAF F4 Phantom II, A69-0305

by Jason Cooper



This is the 1:48 scale Italeri kit of the F4 Phantom and as this was only my second 1:48 scale kit it provided somewhat of a challenging build for me. A resin cockpit set and intake / afterburner set would really be needed to do it full justice. I however was happy building it mostly from the box with only minor modifications and additions to more accurately represent an aircraft in RAAF service. All of the aerials and probes were removed and replaced with scratch built items.

I found the "Mottys aircraft picture pages" site helpful as it contains a large number of photos of Aussie Phantoms. Other references were obtained from the internet and my book library.

Camouflage colours from Humbrol were applied over a black preshade. The panel lines were enhanced with artist oil paint washes and streaking and leaks applies with artists oils and pastel chalks. The kit markings were used and went down OK over a acrylic gloss coat though some silvering did occur.

I really enjoyed building this kit, it was my first Aussie Aircraft and I am happy with the look of the finished model.

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