1/48 Classic Airframes Mk 20 Canberra A84-240

by Andrew Doppel


Serial No
A/C type
Canberra B20
Based at
2 Squadron Phan Rang, Vietnam (Circa 1968).  Since 1984 this aircraft has been on static display in the RNZAF Museum, Wigram, New Zealand after being flown across the Tasman.
Grey green wrap around
Classic Airframes 1/48 Mk.20 Canberra with High Planes decals and Red Roo starter conversion. Paints are Humbrol 163 and 164 (Same as RAAF Mirage upper fuselage colours). This kit did not impress me one bit having spent over $100.00 for it. I would certainly recommend caution when building this kit as parts do not align or fit correctly. I am relatively happy with its outcome and I hope you like it.
Target Charlie (Steve Eather), Lincoln, Canberra & F111 in Australian Service (Stewart Wilson), High Planes decal sheet, ADF Serials



This is my 1/48 Classic Airframes Mk 20 Canberra in the colours of number 2 Squadron RAAF.  The kit is basically OOB but with the Red Roo engine starter kit conversion ($7.00) and High Planes decals ($22.00).  For a kit that cost me over $100.00 and appeared to have good detail, I was quite disapppointed with its build as there were numerous faults including; the cockpit not fitting into the two halves properly, the forward nose section did not align correctly with the rest of the fuselage requiring a large amount of puty, the port wing also did not fit well, there was a large gap at the trailling edge requiring filling and the engine fairings did not fit correctly and required puttying.  There were other minor problems but when these were overcome the aircraft turned out okay although if you look closely you can see a slight bow in the fuselage where the front and rear sections are joined.  I hope that the 1/48 Airfix version is a better build.

The aircraft I chose represents A84-240 of the Royal Australian Air Force's number 2 Squadron which served in both the Malayan Emergency and in Vietnam where it operated as part of USAF 35th Tactical Fighter Wing where it was used in low level bombing.   It arrived at Phan Rang Air Base, Vietnam 16/04/67 after a 2 hour flight from Butterworth, Malaysia hence the bombing mission markings and larger red lightning bolt on the tail.  

240 returned to Australia in June 1970.  It ended its service with 6515 Hours and was painted in a gloss paint and had the smaller lightning bolt with 2 Squadron 'Magpie' logo.  It was later given free issue to the RNZAF on 22/08/82 in a trade involving the aquisition of a Harvard (NZ1034) by the RAAF museum.   It flew to NZ in 1984 where it is currently on display.

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