1/48 Academy F-111C, A8-132, ARDU 1980

by Andrew Doppel


Serial No
A/C type
Based at
ARDU (Aircraft Research and Development Unit), Edinburgh, S.A. (Circa 1980)
Upper Side-Standard camouflage of Tan, Medium Green and Dark Green.  White wingsweep patch with black and orange calibration markings.Lower Side-White with black and orange calibration markings. This aircraft was used for weapons testing at the Woomera Rocket Range between the mid 70s to mid 80s. This aircraft also had the most numerous variations in paint schemes than any other F111 in Australian Service.  It was the first F111 to undergo the AUP upgrade and for this was painted what appears to be a light all over grey (FS36375).   
Lincoln, Canberra and F111 in Australian Service(Wilson), The Australian Bomber Since 1921, ADF Serials and AMI members.
Aussie Decals
1/48 Academy with scratch built cockpit detail, Airfix pilots, modified Scaledown exhausts, scratch built strike camera, nose cameras, wing cameras and tail cameras.  Scratch built compass and smaller aerials.

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