Hasegawa 1/48 P-40E, A29-8, 75 SQN RAAF

by Adam Dormer


Serial No


A/C type


Based at

75 SQN, Port Moresby 1942


Olive Drab, Dark Earth and Sky Grey


1/48 Hasegawa P-40E





This is my P-40E representing Sqdn Ldr John Jackson’s aeroplane – the one he was shot down and killed in over Pt Moresby.

Ol' John was the CO of 75 Squadron RAAF whilst based at Port Moresby, which was very quickly formed to help counter the threat of the Japanese just to the north of Australia on the north coast of PNG.

John Jackson had recently returned from fighting in the Western Desert with 3 Squadron and took command of 75 Squadron and took it to Port Moresby. The average experience with the aircrew was 10 hours with the Kittyhawk! From arriving at Pt Moresby began the historic "44 Days" of this squadron which resulted in John's death on the 28th April, 1942. Jackson had only returned after a long 2 week trek through the jungle after a previous shoot down and ditching and survived only a few days after returning to his squadron.

Knowing that the Kittyhawk could not possibly out-turn the Zero, the squadron tactic was to dive on the Zero's, have a squirt and keep going. For this, the pilots were wrongfully labelled a "pack of dingo's" (in reference to the skittish behaviour of our wild dog here) by RAAF Command, several thousand miles to the south. John Jackson's last combat on the 28th resulted in a vicious turning dogfight with a number of Zero's, which ultimately claimed his life and his aeroplane impacted a hill near Pt Moresby. The international airport at Pt Moresby is called Jackson Airport in his honour. Sqdn Leader John Jackson was a very brave man with immense strength of character and was loved by those in his squadron. In his words, he had “a lot to fight for”.

The model

This is my 1/48 Hasegawa P-40E and represents to the best of my skills and research Sqdn Ldr John Jackson's a/c "H" A29-8 - the one he perished in 28th April, 1942 whilst dogfighting Zero's over Pt Moresby, PNG.  Finished in Gunze Olive Drab, Dark Earth and Sky Grey. I believe these donated USAAF machines just had the dark earth painted over the existing olive drab and the yellow painted over on the fuselage roundels. I added some Eduard “bling” to the cockpit and used resin wheels with the diamond tread.