F-111C A8-130

Academy 1/48 RAAF F-111C, A8-130,
Pacific Aviation Museum

by Troy Henderson


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Pacific Aviation Museum


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Standard South East Asia three tone camouflage with black undersides.


1/48 ACADEMY F-111C with OZMODS canopy, Eduard photo etch cockpit details and minor scratch building and modificaton to cockpit. Decals from Aussie Decals and custom pilot name decals from Wally Civitico. Life Colour paints and Mig washes.


Aussie Decal reference sheet, 'From Controversy to Cutting Edge' by Mark Lax, re-assembly photos of aircraft for the Pacific Aviation Museum, photos sourced from the internet and Andrew Doppel.



F-111C A8-130 had it's first flight on 15 Sep 1968 then delivered to the RAAF in 1973 in the service of 1 Sqn before being transferred to 6 Sqn.
It dropped live ordnance for the final time during Exercise Chong Ju over Puckapunyal, before being retired by 2010.

Seen without wings in a fenced off dump it did appear destined to be scrapped with a placard beneath cockpit canopy that read "This aircraft has been prepared for destruction and all access is denied" however it was not scrapped.

A8-130 was fitted with the wings off A8-135, repainted in SEA camouflage scheme, marked up with the insignia of both 1 & 6 squadrons and gifted to the Pacific Aviation Museum in Hawaii in 2013.

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