Royal Navy FG1 Phantom

1/48 Hasegawa Royal Navy FG1 Phantom

by Sean Lomas


I was lucky with this kit being able to pick it up second hand for virtually nothing, then came the accessories and decals! Its the Hasegawa FG.1 kit which is a great kit and comes with lots of Brilliant RAF decals that have been filed away. I used the model alliance sheet for the RN phantoms which is a mind boggling sheet of great phantoms. The option I chose was for an altered Phantom that had the markings changed by the US Navy whilst on deployment. It made for a different look to the plane. The seats are from Verlinden and were a joy to paint.The model is finished off in Xtracolour Extra Dark Sea Gray And White. The masking for the perfect demarcation lines was a real pig, you cannot see it on these shots bu the white on the underside cmes to a point behind the nose cone. I used Alclad for the metal parts.




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