F-111 A8-147

1/48 Academy F-111C A8-147

by Mark Thoroughgood


Serial No A8-147
Type F111C
Based at 1 Squadron, RAAF Amberley, Queensland (circa 1982)
Scheme 3 tone SEA scheme.  This is a model of the F-111C my Dad and his Navigator won the 1982 S.A.C Bombing Comp in.  They then went on to compete in 'Red Flag' immediately after.
Kit Academy 1/48 F-111C with Verlinden Resin and PE cockpit upgrades, Scaledown After Burner cans, FB-111/F-111c/g wheel and tyre set, MK82 Snakeye and BRU bomb racks.  The decals are from Aussie decals with the walkway lines being painted on.  I scratch built the flaps, slats and wing gloves, the canvas wing seals, the landing lights, intake trunking, intake vorticie generators and static discharges. The canopy was cut to pose it in the open position and I added gas pistons to hold them open and made the external canopy handles.  The afterburner cans have had the nozzle actuators made from very fine wire.
Reference F-111.net walk-a-rounds, AMI and personal photo's.


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