1/35 Academy IDF M-60 by Colin Breen

Images by David Harvey

The images

1/72 DML T-34/85
By Chris Leeman
1/72 DML Firefly Vc
By Chris Leeman
1/35 Tasca
Sherman Firefly
By Brian Thewlis
1/35 Tamiya Centurian Aust Mk 5
By Nino Ferrari
1/35 Scratchbuilt Italian 105/32
P4 Tractor
By Dean Graham
1/35 Italeri Staghound
by Michael Bradshaw
1/35 Academy Warrior MCV
By Nino Ferrari
1/35 Dragon
SDKFZ 140/1 Aufklarungpanzer
By Jamie Degenhardt
1/35 Mouse House L119 Hamel 105mm
By Nino Ferrari
1/35 AFV Club
M1126 Stryker ICV
By Sam Dwyer
1/35 Tamiya
SdKfz 7/3
By Chris Leeman
1/35 Academy
Tiger I 'Tunisia 1943'
By Gary Millias
1/35 DML
Panther I
By Sam Dwyer
1/35 Tamiya A43 Infantry Tank
'Black Prince'
By Brian Thewlis
1/35 Dragon
Stug III Ausf G
By Matt Beattie

1/35 Svezda
Italian M13/40
'North Africa'
By John Palamara

1/35 Dragon Tiger II
'Achtung Jabo'
By Terry Ellison
1/35 Italeri
40mm Bofors
'Italy Mud'
By Tracey-Scott Hamlett
1/35 Trumpeter
KV-1 1942
"Patriotic War"
By Ronald Puttee
1/72 DML
"allo, allo, allo, whats all this then?"
by Jerry Cashman
1/72 DML T-34/85
By Jason Boulter
1/35 Scratchbuilt
Japanese Type 95 Railroad SO-K1
By Dean Graham
1/35 Italeri
SdKfz 179
ByMichael Tabone



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