QMHE 2007

90mm Andrea Miniatures Chinese Warrior, Kuan Yu, 300AD by Robert Wellington

Images by David Harvey

The Images


200mm Verlinden French Knight by Damien Fegan

200mm Rifleman 95th Rifle Regiment 1809 by Robert Wellington

200mm Harton Miniatures bust - Trumpeter 7th Currasiers by Robert Wellington
Dragon - Eddie Rickenbacker by Paul Pearson
1/35 Tamiya 88mm Gun in action
by Geoff Russell
28mm Gripping Beast - Carthaginian Spearman
by David Arnold
28mm Crusaker figures
by David Arnold
28mm Privateer Press, Warmachine Protectorate Figures by David Arnold

1/72 Italeri French Infantry
by David Jones

54mm Seil Miniatures 'Odin' Viking Raiders by Robert Wellington
54mm Time Machine Minaitures, Anglo Saxon Raiding Party by
Robert Wellington
54mm Pegaso 'Watching the southern passes' by Robert Wellington
54mmm Il Fendo Miniatures Roman Battlefield Vignette by Sean O'Gorman
1/12 Airfix Queen Victoria by David Witherspoon
120mm Verlinden RNZAF Pilot
by Vern Simpson
1/6 WWII Digger 1942 - 1943
by Alan McKie
54mm Pegasus Italian Standard Bearer
by Damien Fegan
54mm Pegasus Brenton Knight
by Damien Fegan
1/72 Matchbox US Infantry
by David Jones
120mm 101st US Airborne by Paul Ryall



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