The figures and the trophy

Images by Ed Russell


This is an event aimed at clubs rather than individual modelers and this differentiates it from Expo, Wheels & Tracks etc. It is organized as a low-key event with free admission, no table charges or entry fees and is conducted in a good-natured spirit. It is regarded by most as a good day out. There are usually a trader or two (Red Roo always does good business) and often some informal swap and sell tables.

The WSMC Interclub format is such that teams representing each club have a number of events they must compete in for the Bruce Hearn Challenge perpetual trophy. There are categories for:

  • Military
  • Aircraft
  • Civil vehicle
  • Miscellaneous
  • Theme (may be one or two items)
  • Quick build

Each item is eyeball judged by the teams and a simple points score added up. For a bit more information on the rules go HERE.

The images


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