Boston A20 Havoc - RAAF & USAAF

Review by David Harvey

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$22.00 AUD from HPM

Contents and Media:

one sheet of continuous carrier film decals


Three options




Highly Recommended



This new release set of decals from 'High Planes Models' consists of three different A-20 B/C in 1/48 scale. These decals are produced for High Planes Models by Hawkeye Models Australia.

The instructions

The instructions consist of two A4 sheets with side and top views of the different aircraft available in this set as well as three original shots of the A20.



The decals are for the following aircraft:

  • A20 Boston/Havoc 40-166 as used by the 89 th Bomb SQN 3 rd Bomb Group. It is in the standard Olive Drab / Nuetral grey colours. A20 Boston A28-5 in service with 25 SQN RAAF. It is in the RAF Dark Earth / Dark green / Sky colours.

  • Boston A28-8 of 22 SQN RAAF, it is in the RAAF colours of Earth Brown / Foilage Green / Sky Blue.

They are produced in the high standard I have come to expect of Hawkeye Models and consist of enough markings for all three aircraft ie roundels etc which is my biggest hassle with after market decals. Once again they are constructed in two layers for those markings requiring white background.



It's always good to see more RAAF markings are being produced and are of high quality. The problem now is that we require the 1/48 A-20 B/C kit needing to be produced again like the AMT A-20G.

AMI thanks "High Planes Models" for the review samples.


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