Italeri 1/48 C-130J

by David Edwards


Here's my finished beast as displayed at Avalon. The base kit was Italeri's effort.

As mentioned on Aussie Modeller, the engine nacelles are a bit "off" in shape and too short.  I lengthened them by 10mm and reworked them a little but they're still not quite right.  The sponsons required the "Ron's Resins" extensions and several cockpit windows needed to be blanked off.  The tail "bumper" needs to be moved from the rear fuselage to the rear ramp, which I discovered late in the build.The biggest part of the build was extending the forward fuselage by 100 scale inches and the rear by 80.  I loosely followed Paul Boyer's method used in his 1/72 build as featured in Fine Scale Modeler, but lengthened each fuselage half seperately before joining.  I also added a heap of plastic card location tabs to give as strong a join to the fuselage seams as I could.  In doing so I created some big fit issues that took much filling and sanding to address.

I used Humbrol enamels (Extra Dark Sea Grey is a fair match for the upper colour) and the "Flying High Decals" sheet.  Time prevented me from applying a full gloss coat and so I caused some silvering, but the decals were very good otherwise.  Humbrol Matt Cote gave the final finish, sprayed by a mate and providing a very nice result.This is easily the biggest model I've built to date and I learnt a lot of lessons along the way.  When I build my own C130J in 1/72 I'll have the benefit of Ryan's conversion set - it'll be a walk in the park!

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