A97 C-130J-30

1/72 RAAF C-130J-30 with OzMods engines

by David Edwards



You may have seen our esteemed Editor's in box preview of this set last year. He promptly forwarded the nacelles, props, spinners etc on to me for a build, which was a good excuse for me to all a RAAF C130J-30 to the collection.

The build

David mentioned that the chin intakes of the nacelles may have been a little too wide mouthed but they look acceptable to me. The parts required very little clean up but I did have to drill out all 24 mounting holes in the spinners to mount the propellor blades. This is not mentioned in the instructions - nor is the need to trim back the mounting stubs of the inboard nacelles so that in plan view all four are in line. The rather inaccurate kit nacelles do include locating recesses for the small vents on the upper surfaces. Sadly the Ozmods parts don't, which makes it tricky to fit these delicate little parts.

Since receiving this set Ozmods have released both a propellor alignment jig and some replacement exhausts. I eyeballed the former and used some plastic tube cut to shape for the latter.

The Ozmods instructions include some hints for how to include the stretch for a C130J-30. I used a junked Airfix model for the forward fuselage, and plastic card (similar to Paul Boyer's FSM article) for the aft stretch). Not a method that I'd recommend!

Decals were from Hawkeye, and I used many Defence photos to capture most of the details. Another look at a RAAF C130 last week confirmed a few more small details.

With just a couple of small issues I certainly recommend the Ozmods set.

The images